Faking It by Elisa Lorello

Faking It by Elisa LorelloTitle: Faking It
Author: Elisa Lorello
Release Date: August 23, 201
Pages: 288
Genre: Contemporary Romance

A new contemporary romance by Elisa Lorello, “Faking It”, is an interesting story about a college professor, Andi, who is just coming off a breakup after her boyfriend cheated on her. She has moved back to New York to teach with a friend who is head of the writing department. At one of their boring faculty cocktail parties, she notices a very handsome young man who arrives on the arm of one of her colleagues. She finds out his name is Devin and he’s an escort – all the woman at the school know about him, he’s had “dates” with almost all of them.

Andi is shocked yet unwillingly intrigued about this young man’s line of work – what would it be like to have a date with a man who is so totally, completely focused on your pleasure? Devin is attracted to her at the party, he likes her wit and intelligence and he wants to get to know her better. The two of them eventually strike a deal, Andi will teach Devin how to write and Devin will teach Andi how to appreciate both her body and her sexuality. The tough part is – can she do it and not fall in love?

Don’t think this book is simply about sex, because it’s not. Elisa Lorello has delivered a very well written story that any woman can appreciate. It’s got breakup scenes, the revenge meeting after losing weight, the ability to enjoy sex without self-conscious fear, and the promise of a real, loving relationship. I connected with it on every level. Her writing style and subject matter are both intelligent and easy to read. I especially liked her observations on the world of literary academia with its pretensions and posturing. The author has Andi and Devin connect on a fundamental level that teaches them both things about each other (who’s faking and who’s not?) and lets them go to the next level. What level is that? I strongly suggest you read “Faking It” and find out.

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