Surrender: Wonderful Sweeping Historical Romance!

Surrender by Pamela ClareTitle: Surrender (A MacKinnon’s Rangers Novel)
Author: Pamela Clare
Pages: 368
Genre: Historical Romance

I’m a big fan of Pamela Clare’s I-Team romantic suspense series and was surprised to find out that she had also written a bevy of historical romances, and in fact started out with that genre. Surrender, which came out just a few months ago, is a re-release of the book that was originally published in 2007, with extended scenes and new edits. I read this book in one night, and haven’t been able to stop gushing about it to my friends. As a historian, I appreciated the details and historical accuracy. As a romance book lover, I completely swooned over the wonderful hero and heroine, as well as the passion and emotion in the book.

In Surrender, Clare introduces her MacKinnon’s Rangers series and takes readers to New York in the 1750s, at the height of the war French and Indian War. Iain MacKinnon is the exiled Laird of the Clan MacKinnon. His family was forced to flee to the Colonies after the failed Jacobite uprising to free Scotland from British rule in 1745. In their years in the Colonies, Iain and his brothers Morgan and Connor have grown up to be brave strapping warriors, trained not only in the Highland ways, but also in Native American warfighting. Their formidable fighting skills make them the target of an ambitious British officer, who is convinced that with the MacKinnons’ fighting skills, Britain will prevail over France. The British officer arranges for the three brothers to be falsely accused of murder; they will all three hang if they don’t agree to fight for the Protestant British against the Highlanders’ long-time allies, the Catholic French. Left with no choice, Iain raises MacKinnon’s Rangers, a formidable force of fighting men, who (reluctantly) carry the banner of King George.

Lady Anne Campbell has been falsely accused of theft by her scheming uncle, arrested, branded as a thief, then deported to the Colonies as a bond slave. When her Master and Mistress are killed in French and Indian raid, Iain risks his own life, as well as that of his troops, to rescue Anne. Annie merely tells Iain that she’s Annie Burns, but hides her noble birth, her Protestant and Loyalist Campbell roots, as well as her conviction for theft. The two flee across the forests, eventually reaching the Rangers’ home base, where Iain is punished by the British for disobeying orders and rescuing Annie. As Annie nurses Iain after his brutal lashing, the two slowly fall in love, and look for ways to surmount their many differences.

Surrender is a wonderful love story that’s full of rich historical detail, passion, action, and intrigue. I especially loved Iain, who is an honorable, noble hero who is by turns protective of Annie, and a wonderful leader to his ragtag band of men. A wonderful book that I’ll be re-reading many times!


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